Keep up with Bro. Alex Powers and his Masonic travels!

Bro. Powers is a man on the GO! Although it is next to impossible to keep up with the busy family schedule, here you can find his Speaking engagements as well as other Masonic functions he will be at. If your schedule aligns be sure to say hello!

If you would like Bro. Powers to speak at your lodge or function click Here.

**If in the area you can always meet up at his stated lodge meetings at Gardner Masonic Lodge No. 65 in Gardner, Ks.  Stated meetings are held every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 7:30pm



October 20th: Hosting the Gardner Lodge 150th Anniversary Celebration Gala

June 7th: Memorial for LeRoy Hill: A member of Gardner Lodge who was the first of the area to die in WWI, France.  Location: Gardner Cemetary 

May 12th: Attending the Grand Masters Reception Dinner in Wichita, KS

May 10th: Visting Inner Quest Lodge No 456

April 28th: Speaking at Masonic Con 2018 at Ezekial Bates Lodge in Attleboro, MA. Topic: A Fading Legacy, The importance of Preserving our History.

March 31st: Speaking at Area Two Meeting in Spring Hill, Kansas  Topic: The Geneology of Kansas Freemasonry

March 16th & 17th: Grand Lodge of Kansas Annual Communications 

February 25th:  Speaking at Tuscan Lodge No. 460 in Kincaid, KS Topic: The Geneology of Kansas Freemasonry

February 17th: Speaking at Justice Lodge No. 457 in Topeka, KS Topic: The Geneology of Kansas Freemasonry

February 10th: Attending Installation of Officers for the Delaware Chapter of DeMolay

January 13th:  District 7 School of Instruction in Baldwin, KS


December 16th:  Attending Annual Installation of Officers for Gardner Lodge No 65 in Gardner, Ks.

November 3rd:  Attending the Kansas Grand Lodge Leadership Academy in Topeka, Ks.

September 30th:  Attending Joint Table Lodge – Kansas Grand Lodge & Kansas Price Hall Grand Lodge in Topeka, Ks.

August 19th:  Speaking at the Midwest Conference on Masonic Education in Topeka, KS. Topic: Examining the Craft: Then, Now, and Yet to Come.

July 31st:  Speaking at the Past Masters Meeting at Lenexa Lodge No. 135 in Lenexa, Ks.  Topic: Preservation and Recovery of Lodge History

July 5th:  Speaking at Topeka Lodge No. 17 Topic: Preservation and Recovery of our lodge history.

June 25th: Gardner Lodge St. John's Day Observance Church service and Lodge Picnic 

June 20th:  Visiting a friend's 2nd degree at Summit Lodge 263 Lee's Summit, MO.

April 29th:  Masonic Con 2017. Ezekiel Bates Lodge Attleboro, Mass.

March 17-18th: Kansas Grand Lodge 161st Annual Communication

March 16th: Kansas Lodge of Research Annual Meeting

March 11th: Oklahoma Masonic Indian Degree Team underground cave degree. Branson, Mo.

March 9th: Inner Quest Lodge No. 456