Show notes

Hey, everyone. I know it has been a while but wanted to drop an episode with some announcements before the Christmas holiday and new years.

We have a proud new sponsor of the show Masonic Revival. Make sure you check them out for your last minute Christmas items.

Historical Light has launched a new Facebook group. Historical Light Masonic Research Group.
There is a link on our website and we encourage you to join the group and take part in the growing Historical Light community. This is a great place to share research of masonic family history, lodge history, and other masonic research of a historical relevance.

Masonry Today highlights Philip Wharton

We go over the show schedule going forward and what to expect. Hoping to maintain a bi-weekly show schedule for the 2017 show season.

We take a look at a recent charity event through Gardner Lodge No 65

Highlight some famous brethren with Christmas related works

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