Please forgive the audio quality on today's show as we recorded on location at the lodge we had to use a cell phone.

What happened in Masonic History Today?

Today in Masonic History Simon Lake is born in 1866. My daughter joins us this week to present the article.


It is Labor Day weekend and we are all busy with family and friends so we are keeping it short today and will not be featuring an interview. Not to worry though we have several great interviews recorded and ready to go for the episodes to come. Today the family and I spent some time up at the lodge while I was doing some awesome research of our history. My daughter jumps in to present today's article from Masonry which I was really excited about. We want to make sure and recognize those in Texas enduring the struggle of the hurricane right now. The MSA is accepting donations to support their needs. Please see below for the link to MSA where you can offer your support. Now off to light the grill and spend some time relaxing with the family. See you next time!

Masonic Service Association (MSA):


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