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Greetings Everyone,

This is our introduction episode! Just doing a quick release today to let everyone know about the release of the new show. Historical Light is a Masonic show in nature focused on the historical events and aspect within Freemasonry. Consider this YOUR show as we want to cater both to you and for you. So many of us have rich family history, lodge history, or even just masonic historic events that we are well versed on and love to share with others. This show is the arena for just that! Please drop us a line and let us know what you would like to share and we would love to get you on for an interview! If you are not up for doing an on-camera interview still share with us and we can possibly form an episode around that material to still get that info out for all to enjoy and gain from. Our history is the cement that bonds us and here on Historical Light we aim to share, preserve, and most of all Honor that history!

Thank you for your support and hope you enjoy.

0:00 Show intro
1:04 Host intro
1:55 Today in Masonic History – The death of Bro. Philipp Von Stosch – courtesy of
5:12 Explanation of the new show

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