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What happened in Masonic History Today?

Today in Masonic History Francis Baylies is born in 1783.


Today we sit down with Bro. RJ Johnson and Bro. Nick Johnson.  Look close, you just may have seen these Brothers before ;).  We chat with Bro's Nick and RJ on the topic of Lodge Dues: Then and Now.  Both of these Brothers have  expressed some feelings on this matter recently and bring some important points of view to consider.  Of course this is a topic that has been discussed many times before but in true Historical Light fashion we take a look at the past to shed some light on the current situation on hand.  Make sure you don't miss this one as we dive deep into the value we place on the Craft.


Check out today's guests Bro's Nick and RJ:

Nick Johnson:  The Millenial Freemason Blog

RJ Johnson:  The Whence Came You Podcast


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