“Truly enjoy these! Would like you to think about allowing the use of these to aid in training candidates in our lodge here in Arizona.” -Dwain Chase

“This is a really good podcast.” –Philly Boxer

“Looking forward to learning more about the history of our great fraternity, with you!” -Dustin Fields

“Excellent Podcast” -Alexander Yassin

“Nicely done.” -Masonic Traveler

“Thank you for the work you do. Really enjoy learning more hidden gems. Looking forward to more to come.” -Lee Veltman

“I am glad you had my old friend and Brother, RW Walter Hunt, on this episode. It is great to give a spotlight to a Brother who works so hard in the quarries to hold on to as much history as possible. Everyone should check out masonicgenealogy.com.” -Scott Sherman

“Great channel, look forward to more videos. Liverpool rebellion episode was great, we have had Dr. David Harrison present in our lodge, very interesting. Keep up the good work and hope to catch up with my international masons later this year :)” -C.G.

“Because of you, I asked the WM if I could start to digitize the Lodges history. I can’t wait.” -Rick Hidde

“We Love you Brother Alex. Looking forward to the new content.” -Sean Mullin

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